FURY is a British metal band which blends the hard hitting thrash styles of the 80s bay area scene with melodic vocals more common to the NWOBHM era to create the unique sound you hear before you today.

Fury is an exciting British metal band that combines many of the best elements across all of heavy metal. If you’d like to know something about the guys then read on!


Name: Julian Jenkins
DoB: 09.06.87. Birthplace: Worcester. Height: 5ft 10. Weight: Fat. Eyes: Blue. Hair: Awesome.


Band: Iron Maiden. Album: Anything but Blaze’s. Movie: Terminator 2. Food: Meat. Book: Pirates and Privateers.
Fury Song: In To The Dark. TV Show: Deadliest Catch, Top Gear. Hobbies: Pirating, drinking, films. Sport: Football and Man Utd.

Influences: Maiden and other metal bands, Genesis and more.

Name: Alasdair Davis
DoB: 26.07.85. Birthplace: Nottingham. Height: 6ft 3. Weight: 14 stone. Eyes: 2. Hair: Brown and long.


Band: Metallica.  Album: …And Justice For All. Movie: Jurrassic Park. Food: Spag Bol. Book: Anything by Jeremy Clarkson.
Fury Song: In To The Dark. TV Show: Top Gear, 24, Spooks. Hobbies: Cars and motorbikes. Sport: Formula 1, Le Mans and Rally.

Influences: Richard Branson, Bruce Dickinson and Lars Ulrich.

Name: Martin Trail
DoB: 10.01.88. Birthplace: Scunthorpe. Height: 5ft 10. Weight: 13 stone. Eyes: Green. Hair: Very short.


Band: Ozzy Osbourne. Album: Lazarus (Tool). Movie: Not a film guy. Food: Chicken. Book: The God Delusion.
Fury Song: In To The Dark. TV Show: Mrs Brown’s Boys. Hobbies: Playing bass. Sport: MMA.

Influences: No one at all.

Name: Jake Beesley
DoB: 10.02.86. Birthplace: Solihull. Height: 6ft. Weight: 15 stone. Eyes: Blue. Hair: Fire Iridium.


Band: ACDC. Album: 1984 (Van Halen). Movie: Die Hard. Food: Pizza. Book: American Gods.
Fury Song: Dangerous World. TV Show: Top Gear. Hobbies: Guitar. Sport: Are you kidding?

Influences: Van Halen, Angus Young and Nuno Bettencourt.

Listen to Fury on Sound Cloud :- Fury

Here are two tracks from the New album :- The Lightening Dream


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