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The story of Jacob A.M. (Bass and singer) has been a wild one. He’s had to move from everywhere he stayed in pursuit of following his crazy passion and chasing dreams. Born in Menorca he moved to Barcelona in 1998 and from Barcelona to Milan, Italy in 2002 then back to Barcelona in 2003 and from Barcelona to Los Angeles C.A. U.S.A. in 2006 with a definitive return to Barcelona in 2007! He played in the street for a few coins in Barcelona (Spain) and Milan (Italy); lived in a van in Sunset Boulevard in L.A. (U.S.A.) behind the “Whiskey a Go Go” always on the lookout to find just the right people for this band.
Over the years there have been many people who joined and left the group leaving Jacob alone in his adventure, but in 2009 he finally found the right mesh: Vega – a guitarist tired of boring bands and thirsty for Rock ‘n’ Roll, decides to join StOp,sToP! to live what he always wanted to do: sex, rock and more sex! He’d been playing in the shadows for a long time but finally showed up with a unique blend of A.O.R. and sleazy kind of playing. He doesn’t pretend to be a guitar hero, but he’s gonna kick your ass before you realise it!
Danny Stix (drums) – from Sofia in Bulgaria moved to Barcelona and soon became a huge fan of ‘StOp,sToP!’, following the band wherever they went. At one point StOp,sToP! needed a new drummer and set up loads of auditions but when they found that skinny boy with massive hair and a penchant for drumming loud like a bad ass motherfucker, they didn’t think twice – they gave him the job!

For a short time, Mak G.G. (guitarist of the band “Wet Jack”) joined the band, but after recording “Unlimited” (their first album in 2010) he left, after which “StOp,sToP!” became a trio.
Following the release of their debut album “Unlimited” in the winter of 2010, the band received loads of good reviews from the Spanish rock magazines and radio stations and prospects looked good with sellout shows in one of Barcelona’s major venue, ‘Mephisto’. However, in spite of a measure of acclaim from local press and fanbase, a subsequent Spanish tour brought home the reality that the band would never attract enough support in Spain to make it to the ‘big time’ so at the end of October 2011 they left everything behind, bought a van, booked some gigs in U.K., upped sticks and moved! Not caring they had nowhere to stay, they gambled everything, living in a van like gypsies and continued rocking like hell!
Surprisingly, the UK response to “StOp SToP!” proved more than the band ever expected: the people really loved them, so they decided to stay on and tour for a further 7 months returning to Barcelona in July 2012 to record their second album, “Join the party!” wich is gonna be released during the summer of 2013.
From April 2013 “StOp SToP!” are back in the U.K. touring and rocking the house everywhere they go! Don’t miss it! LOve them or hate them, these three undeniably play real, hard-rock. Madness and perversion are their favourite weapons!
Try it! You won’t be left indifferent!

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