from ruin logolarge

Formed only three years ago, Warminster based band From Ruin have been winning over converts ever since with their melodic brand of thrash metal. Their name alone says it at all, rising above defeat, disillusionment and drudgery to bring music which is as thought provoking as it is captivating.

The group has experienced a few lineup changes as they’ve progressed. They currently feature their strongest roster to date with original singer Anita Griffin still mesmerising audiences with her soulful yet ballsy vocal style, backed up by the superbly gifted guitar techniques of Jonny Randall and Pete Holman, held firmly together by drummer Jon Rudin and newest member, bass player Craig Daws.

Reviews: Checking out new bands is one activity I do with little pleasure, as many times I am met with the same generic clones of Machine Head, Killswitch Engage and so on, but every now and then I stumble across a band willing to go out of their way to create interesting music. Nowhere is this more evident than in From Ruin, who with their magnifficent vocals and brilliant musicianship have the potential to become big names in the British metal scene. Helped along the way by Craig Daws’ crystal clear production, From Ruin are able to create a heavy metal sound that is as heavy as it is atmospheric. Each member brings something to the band which always makes for good listening. Of particular note would be the intricate guitar playing which showcases flashes of excellence, and most strikingly of all, a frontwoman who combines the hypnotic qualities of Cristina Scabbia with the attitude of Doro Pesch. From Ruin deserve every bit of praise they get and it would be a travesty if they aren’t recognised as a top name in the West Country metal scene by 2011. – Oliver Hynes.

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