“Aiming to burn the bridges between viewer and society and unleash a world of blood, sweat and hardcore on an emotional roller coaster of passion and anger, of sadness and joy, of every feeling experienced in life, squeezed into a small gathering of songs, performed to the masses in a way the witnesses won’t forget… ”Empyrean are a post hardcore metal band from Wiltshire, England formed in January 2013. They combine different elements of techno, progressive metal and punk into the hardcore genre to give the listener something interesting and memorable But the music itself is only half the battle for these guys, since they are more known for there crazy and controversial presence on-stage. Started off as a band called Lammergeier, a bunch a college mates jamming away turned into something unique and exciting for them. It then set them off on a quest to shock the music scene with their talent, presence and creativity. Since they started to play gigs in late August, they have already been compared to big names such as Gallows, Crystal Castles and Deftones. Now they are working on an EP which will break personal boundaries and bring something fresh to the local music scene, aiming to blow the minds of the oppressed and bored. Rob McKelvey – Lead Vocals; Jake Stevens – Guitar/Backing Vocals; Mike Steer – Bass/Backing Vocals; Adam Kearley – Keyboard/Synth; Jack Moore – Drums/Back Vocals


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