Warlord UK were formed in 1993 when three Birmingham lads Mark White, Andy Stone and Mick Gorst along with a drum machine started to write songs in their influences of Killing Joke, Amebix and Godflesh. Warlord UK soon hit the Birmingham music scene and started supporting bands such as Napalm Death, Cancer, Cerebral Fix, Benediction, Entombed, GBH and others. Warlord UK’s approach was not to follow how other Death Metal bands dressed in the early 1990’s – all in black with white trainers
and synchronised head banging. The bands Crust Punk background shone through with their dreadlocks, film footage of the Poll Tax riots playing on their backdrop along with the thumping drum machine.

Warlord UK signed a management deal with Bob Lamb, and the drum machine was replaced by a human drummer. The band toured with Cerebral Fix in the UK and also headlined their own shows. In 1996 with the help of Neil Hutton and Neil Farrington R.I.P on drums Warlord UK released “MAXIMUM CARNAGE” on Nuclear Blast Records. Warlord UK toured Europe with Benediction and extensively toured the UK promoting “MAXIMUM CARNAGE” until Warlord UK split in 1999.


2008 saw the return of Warlord UK with Mark White and Neil Farrington auditioning for new guitarists while writing new material for a new album. After trying many guitarists Warlord UK finally settled with Daniella T’arna and Gary Thomas who
together have added to the tonal brutality of this unique band. Sadly in 2009 Neil Farrington passed away and Warlord UK were left looking for a new drummer to fill Neil’s place. Ben Dunn joined in 2009 and soon stepped up to the mark and has proved himself to be a great drummer.

2009 saw Warlord UK headline the Inferno Metal Festival in Norway and co-headline the Meltdown Festival in Birmingham and toured extensively throughout the UK. 2010 has already seen Warlord UK play alongside Obituary, Napalm Death, Annal Nathrakh, The Rotted, Deranged, Imperial Vengeance and played the London Deathfest XI. Warlord UK will be playing England later in the year to promote their new album “EVIL WITHIN”


Warlord UK entered Hellfire II Studios in Birmingham during April 2010 and started recording “EVIL WITHIN” which features some songs written when the band returned in 2008. An untimely accident to Daniella saw production delayed for eight weeks. “EVIL WITHIN” is a brutal 9 track ensemble of Death/Thrash/Crust Metal and has captured the bands raw edge and versatility. “EVIL WITHIN” was produced by Ajeet Singh at Hellfire Studios.

Warlord UK have secured a 2 year deal with Copro/Casket Records and have signed with both JMG Agency and Obliterate PR. Warlord UK will be playing throughout the country for the rest of the year promoting “EVIL WITHIN”
along with live radio interviews, and the band will be looking to secure extensive UK and European tours in 2011.